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If you're looking for something totally insta-worthy for an upcoming wedding, event or garden party, our fabulous props are just what you need! 

Our props have been carefully hand-crafted and finished with beautiful artificial flowers, which can be customised to suit your celebration or colour scheme upon request.

Our Stock

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Our handmade Foliage Wall is available in two sizes, either 5ft or 7.5ft and it's a staple prop for any special occasion! 

Kit it out with Prosecco, Champagne, Fresh Juice or whatever you fancy, this beast of a wall holds up to 40 flutes and comes dressed with artificial flowers to suit your occasion.

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Our beautiful Celebration Cart stands around 8ft tall and is a must-have for every special occasion.

By itself it looks totally stunning, however we can dress it with florals, Pampas Grass and decor to suit the event.

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Standing at 6.2ft this elegant 'Prosecco' wall holds up to 48 flutes and is a real eye-catcher at special occasions. 

We can either provide the wall as a blank canvas or we can dress it with fabulous florals to reflect your colour scheme and theme of the event.

Sequin Wall - York Prosecco Wall.jpg

If you love a selfie, this Sequin Wall is definitely for you! We have enough sequin panels to build the wall up to 8ft and we can style it with a fabulous balloon arch, florals and extras perfect for any occasion.

This wall makes a great backdrop on a dance floor too!

Cupcake Wall.jpg

A must have for all Cupcake lovers! This wall stands at 6.2ft and holds up to 96 Cupcakes. 

It's most popular for weddings, garden parties and corporate events, however this show-stopper of a wall is perfect for all occasions!

Low Level Seating

Coming really, really soon!

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